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What Type Of Tires Do You Need?

There are many types of tires, but the most basic is the passenger all-season tire, which is built to endure long-term wear while providing adequate performance in almost all conditions.



All Season Tires Vancouver WA

Passenger Tires

Passenger all-season tires are built for general comfort, so they’re not as tough against noise and harsh vibration as ultra-high performance tires (for sporty cars) or light truck tires. Passenger all-season tires are also designed for long wear, so you don’t have to replace them as frequently as other tire types.

Passenger all-season tires are not designed for hard cornering, braking, and acceleration. They may squeal or slide under moderate to hard turns, and steering response may not be as sharp or immediate as would be expected from high-performance tires. Passenger all-season tires usually handle predictably in all kinds of weather and temperature.





Light Truck Tires Vancouver WA

Light Truck Tires

Buying tires for your light truck is similar to buying tires for a car. You only need to know a few things before making your decision, such as the size of the tires, what performance rating you’d like, and your budget.

Consider what kind of driving you do. If you do a lot of off-roading, you’ll want to take traction control into account. Also consider how often you drive in wet conditions or snow. If you race, check the speed rating for W, Y or Z.

Since the year 2000 Light Trucks come with a tire placard that informs the driver what tires are required for the vehicle. While the information on the placard can always be upgraded to a higher rated tire, it should never be downgraded. To rate tires (LT or otherwise) when you’re ready to replace them or check the ratings of the current ones on your truck or SUV, you’ll need to know how to read the information on the placard and the sidewalls of the tires.





Mini Van Tires Vancouver WA

Mini Van Tires

All season tires are the most common tires for minivans and passenger cars. Despite their name, all-season tires perform poorly in tests involving ice and snow, and so would not be recommended for cars that are driven in extreme winter conditions. Drivers who experience extreme winter conditions should use all-season tires during the summer, spring, and fall, and use specialized winter tires for the winter months.

All-season tires are the most economical option, ideal for everyday use with average amounts of driving. They also do very well on wet roads, and so are ideal for drivers who experience mild to moderate winter conditions.

Small SUV Tires

Small sports utility vehicles should be fitted with SUV or light truck tires, which are designed to accommodate the weight of those vehicles and to maximize their performance. There are a number of different models of these tires available for your small SUV, which vary in terms of price as well as suitable driving conditions.

All-season tires have excellent maneuverability and breaking capabilities, both on dry and wet roads. However all season tires may not be well-suited for driving off-road, so if you are the adventurous type you may want to choose another model.





High Performance Sport Tires Vancouver WA

High performance Tires

High-performance tires have gained popularity for their handling and heat-resistance qualities. High-performance tires have better grip, cornering abilities and braking abilities. Many high-performance tires don’t have the longevity and value that all-season tires do, but are beneficial for drivers who have long highway trips in warm weather because of their heat resistance, and for drivers in severe winter conditions because of their superior grip.

High-performance tires are ideal for minivan drivers who travel on highways for long periods of time or who drive in extreme winter conditions. They are also an ideal winter counterpart to standard all-season tires.

Sport Performance Tires

Sport Performance tires are stylish and technologically advanced. Some Tires are made with materials for a smooth, quiet ride, responsive handling. Sport Tires offer commanding dry grip and ultra-high performance handling.

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